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Queensland CITEC saved, shared services to stay | ZDNet
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MacKeeper Amended Complaint
Ads for MacKeeper refunds will run on Facebook | CIO
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$19 million Target, MasterCard breach settlement crumbles | ZDNet
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Fox-IT Launches Web and Mobile Event Analytics Platform for U.S. Financial Services Industry
Fortinet Signs Collaborative Research and Development Agreement with U.S. Department of Homeland Security
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A Threat Intelligence-Sharing Reality-Check
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Microsoft signs Office app, service bundling deals with 20 more Android device makers | ZDNet
Google: Account Recovery Security Questions Not Very Secure
Google: Account Recovery Security Questions Not Very Secure - Dark Reading
DR Radio: Incident Response War-Gaming - Dark Reading
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FIDO Alliance Kicks Off Certification and Interop Program - Infosecurity Magazine
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iOS 9 expected to support Force Touch, just in time for iPhone 6s | ZDNet
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Best wearables for dads and grads, May 2015 | ZDNet
Securosis Blog | We Don’t Know Sh—. You Don’t Know Sh—.
Securosis Blog |
Skype in court over failure to hand over call records | ZDNet
Microsoft confirms Cortana is coming to iPhones, Android | ZDNet
DR Radio: Incident Response War-Gaming
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PCI Council Launches Group to Help Improve SME Compliance - Infosecurity Magazine
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